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Which Artist suits your event?

Band or solo-artist, star or cover-band, music or presentation… each act brings specific requirements and individual infrastructure needs. We will help you choose suitable acts for your event.

Where can I find artist booking prices?

Through our many years of working in this industry we not only have excellent contacts but also know the usual performance fees, as well as incidental fees. This way we make sure that your budget is adhered to.

How do I design a coherent program with the given budget?

From world star to gala band. For every event there is a perfect program. We are familiar with the market prices and can quickly and effectively develop potential program concepts for you. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

What additional costs should I be expecting?

Because every act is different, the incidental costs can vary.
This makes competent planning and reliable, careful calculation all the more important. We will gladly assist you in all matters related to your event. Let our know-how work for you.

What is “backline” and what will I need? 

An orchestra requires different conditions than a rock band. And the work of a star chef will perhaps only have its full effect with the usage of cameras and screens. With our years of experience, we know what is really necessary and what is “nice to have”. This is how we align the production with pinpoint accuracy toward what is really important: The successful staging of a perfect event.

Who books and coordinates the different sections?

Catering, staging, sound and light equipment, guests and press relations, artist supervision and management, security, official permits, paramedics and fire service, promotion and PR …

Various sections provide for a successful event. We will gladly take over the entire execution and ensure the smooth collaboration of all parties involved. Quietly and behind the scenes – so that your event is perceived as what it should be: a carefree, happy event for you and your guests.

Which regulatory requirements must be met?

If you are planning an event in Germany, then the answer will most likely be: many. And that is a good thing. Because no matter what restrictions there are for your specific event: They are intended to ensure safety.

Gladly we will advise you in this important area and ensure your legal, planning and event security.

What about GEMA, Artists´ Social Security Fund (KSK), cancelation insurance, tax liability…?

In addition to regulatory requirements it is important to consider all the different aspects of your event and to factor these in your budget. With our partners we can offer you experience from thousands of events.

Use our know-how and contact us: We offer competent first hand solutions.

What do we charge for our services?

Because our services are customized to your needs, the costs can vary.

One thing is for sure: The initial consultation is free – get in touch with us. We will gladly prepare an offer.

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